6D ATR-1 Carbon Electric Helmet

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Motorcycle offroad helmet constructed with an advanced aerospace composite of 3K carbon fiber ODS (Omni Directional Suspension) technology reduces angular acceleration and improves low threshold energy compliance significantly ODS embodies a fully active; in helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system that reduces energy transfer to the brain over a much broader range of energy demands 2 separate EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liners separated by 27 elastic isolation dampers make up the ODS technology with the 3 dimensional displacement of the inner liner upon impact it uncouples the impact force at the outer shell from the riders head Superior performance for low; medium; and high velocity impacts ODS significantly reduces Linear Accelerations; recenters alignment when the impact load is removed and provides superior air flow; heat transfer and sweat evaporation ODS technology mitigates angular acceleration forces to the head and brain and lessons severity of impact by increasing Time to Peak values by roughly double Multi liner assembly will compress and shear Omni Directionally when subjected to impact; this capability provides significantly improved time management performance against both linear and angular acceleration energy demands Comfort liner is fully removable and washable; it is made of Genuine CoolMax antibacterial fabric PC Halo improves durability of inner EPS liner and overall performance Emergency Release Cheek Pads allow for easy and quick removal in the event of an accident Sternum pad provides a progressive surface for added protection of the chin; jaw and sternum Air flow Management system aids internal air circulation with 8 intake ports allowing fresh air to enter the helmet; 13 transfer ports to guide air flow throughout the helmet; and 4 aggressive exhaust ports Air gap technology provides greater ventilation to accommodate various riding conditions Rear Delta vents helps heat t

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This full sized helmets ROCKS! Best full sized helmets what I ever had!